We believe in the power of team work and partnership.

Who we are

Our company consists of individuals who are extremely efficient and proficient in the recovery of accounts receivable. We focus on the individual needs of each client. Individuals with experience in your accounts receivable specialty type are the ones assigned to work on your behalf in recovering outstanding accounts receivable. Our experience ranges over a wide variety of specialties and we are aware of the problems that cause an outstanding accounts receivable. We know the solutions and follow through to the results.

What we do

Havilah Recovery Solutions, Inc. is experienced in the recovery of accounts receivable. Our expertise and focus is on the accounts receivable that wasn’t paid or paid incorrectly. Whether the lack of reimbursement was due to a backlog, incorrect information, or bankruptcy, whatever the case may be, we are determined and our productivity and follow through are next to none. Our clients include but are not limited to Healthcare Companies, Banks, CPA’s, Doctor’s Offices, Hospitals, Specialty Clinics, Medical Supply Companies and more.

Confidentiality. Protecting your privacy and the privacy of your customers is of utmost importance to us. We are HIPAA compliant. All staff is required to read, agree to, and sign Confidentiality Agreements. This agreement requires all staff to hold information in the strictest confidence and to maintain practices that safeguard all information from disclosure to unauthorized sources.

Security of all systems is insured by our in-house IT team. Havilah’s IT performs scheduled data back ups, configures/maintains VPN connections, and firewall hardware. Our team also provides security of information and controls data access with secured logins.

Compliance with HIPAA is priority for our clients in the healthcare field. As your Business Associate our contract agreements are HIPAA compliant. Our company’s staff has received the training required to secure your patient’s PHI (Protected Health Information). The ways in which the PHI will be disclosed is clearly defined in our contract agreement.

Our Values

We will live consistent, moral lifestyles, conducting our business with the highest standards of integrity and honesty.

To Community, Family, and Clients. We believe in supporting others and team effort.

We come through for our clients and each other.

Knowing our clients and meeting their needs is essential to achieving our mission.

We provide profit for clients.

What We Do


Our true specialty is in the recovery of outstanding accounts receivable

    Support Families Through Adoption

    Havilah Global believes in the story of adoption.

    We work to bring support both financially and emotionally for families walking through the adoption process. We are not an adoption agency however we do consider the financial and emotional needs of each family based on a first come first serve basis.

      Gifts In Kind

      Havilah Global receives donations of overstocked items from many different types of businesses and locations.

      We consider the needs of individuals and families in the community and donate based on most urgent need. Our last overstock items received were donated to many households needing kitchenware, flooring and window dressings.

        Community Networking

        Havilah Global believes in the power of teamwork and partnership.

        Many hands make light work and resource connection is one of our passions.

          Family Wellness Counseling

          We long to see families living whole connected lives.

          At Havilah Global we strive to bring patience, listening ears, understanding, wisdom, guidance and truth to each appointment. We do not guarantee the steps of change, that is up to each individual who comes, we do however guarantee no judgement and solid belief that if you apply what you learn change will happen.


          Our true specialty is in the recovery of outstanding accounts receivable. This pertains to all aspects of recovery. Whether lack of reimbursement is due to a backlog, bankruptcy, downsizing, errors, or non payment, we get the job done. We offer everything from office management to consulting and training of office staff. We focus on the individual needs of each client. We can help you improve the way your office is run and increase the collection of money owed to you by customers, clients, patients, and insurance companies. As part of your team we help to bridge the gaps and fill in the details.

          Get connected

          Havilah Recovery Solutions, Inc. has successfully configured encrypted network connections for a number of clients. If your office has a practice management application or other software to maintain your A/R, Havilah Recovery Solutions, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to connect to your network and recover your money.
          All connections are encrypted and where necessary, firewalls are implemented. Each client is different but with some creativity and know how, we have been able to provide connections for all of our clients. Havilah Recovery Solutions, Inc. has provided off-site connections for Misys PM/Tiger, Costar, Medisoft, A4 Health Systems, Versys, MBS, Epic, CureMD, Kareo, AdvancedMD, Central, DrChrono, as well as systems on an AS/400 and DOS.




          If these don't answer your questions, please connect with us!

          At what point would it benefit our company to turn our outstanding accounts receivable over to Havilah?

          It only takes less than 30 days for a backlog to start. If the accounts aren’t being worked consistently the chances of collecting a debt can decrease as time passes. Running an up to date Outstanding Claims Report and Aged Receivable is a good indicator as to whether or not all accounts are being worked. Once a bill reaches a 90 day collection bracket the work involved in collecting on that bill also increases. Joining Havilah to your current team will increase your company’s cash flow and will bring assistance in the areas of billing and collections that the hours in a normal work day do not allow for.

          What are your fees for service?

          Havilah is paid on a percentage of what is recovered for our clients. The percentage is agreed upon by both parties before the work begins. The amount of the percentage is determined by several factors, the age of the accounts receivable, the average balances outstanding, and the estimated length of time the collections might take. As well, whether or not appeals, potf, cover letters, and documentation are needed with each file. Havilah does much more than collect on outstanding accounts, we team up with you, our client to do what is required to increase your cash flow and maintain good customer relations. We help to bridge the gap.

          What types of accounts receivable do you handle?

          With over 25 years of combined experience, Havilah has assisted in all types of accounts receivable. If your company has outstanding accounts receivable that is valid, our company will know how to recover it.

          Why should we contract with Havilah instead of another company? 

          We are set apart by our willingness to learn your system. Most companies like ours will not consider recovery of outstanding accounts receivable until it is agreed that all accounts run through their software system, which costs a greater amount of money and time. Information transportation ultimately delays in the recovery of outstanding accounts receivable making it harder to collect because of the aging accounts. Havilah will do whatever it takes to succeed for our clients.

          Why should we contract with Havilah instead of working the accounts ourselves?

          Unidentified errors and problems on accounts and reports can cost companies money on a daily basis. Having Havilah on your team can assist you in identifying these problems quickly and efficiently. Identifying accounts that are not paid, paid incorrectly, not billed or under/overcharged can save your company costly fines as well as increase the turn around time for each account, which will ultimately lead to greater cash flow. Establishing a continual relationship with experts in your specialty accounts receivable will increase your levels for success in your overall company. Whenever your staff needs assistance we are here.

          How is your company able to assist us from an off site location?

          The majority of the time Havilah accesses your accounts receivable by VPN (Virtual Private Network). Should there be times when our clients do not have internet access, our IT team creates a system of information transport suitable to your needs and technology level. We also have individuals who work on site from time to time to assure the outstanding accounts are in forward motion. As well, faxing, scanning, and EDT are credible options in receiving the information needed to assist you in resolving outstanding accounts. We have not had a situation yet where technology levels have stood in our way of quick bill resolution.

          What is the list of services you provide?

          Our true specialty is in the recovery of outstanding accounts receivable. This pertains to all aspects of recovery. We offer everything from office management to consulting and training of office staff. We focus on the individual needs of each client. We can help you improve the way your office is run and increase the collection of money owed to you by customers, clients, patients, and insurance companies. As part of your team we help to bridge the gap and fill in the details.



          We're Ready To Work With You

          “HRS was retained to recover revenues in our practice which we felt were unrecoverable. Old accounts were turned over without much hope of seeing that money. However, we were wrong. Jennifer has shown herself to be an expert in the field of medical billing and coding. Her integrity is her hallmark. Havilah’s work productivity continually extended beyond the scope of what they were required to do.”
          -Jane C., Administrator of Lakeshore Otolaryngology

          “Havilah’s productivity and people skills are a great asset.”
          -Paul S. H., Coordinator of Neuro Associates

          “Havilah’s integrity and determination are a breath of fresh air.”
          -Tara R., Director of Infusion Therapy

          “It was a pleasure doing business with Havilah. The staff is very professional and efficient. I found Havilah very knowledgeable and capable of performing the many tasks associated with the medical reimbursement procedures. The professionalism and knowledge was greatly appreciated, along with the accomplishments of the team. I would definitely call on you and your staff again if the need would arise.”
          -Laura H., Reimbursement Director of Cancer Hematology Centers of West Michigan

          “Very effective collection on A/R greater than 150 days old, both from insurance companies and patients. Dependable and reliable. I would highly recommend HRS.”
          -Char V., Office Manager of Ob/Gyn Associates

          “Our receivables had been written off as uncollectible. However, much to our amazement, Havilah came in and proved with the right knowledge and persistence the A/R was more than collectible. We highly recommend the team of Havilah.”
          -Kim W., Business Manager of PCMG Pediatrics

          “Unparalleled work ethic and focus.”
          -Adam F., ATI

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