Havilah Recovery Solutions, Inc. is paid on a percentage of what is recovered for our clients. This is to the client's benefit in that it keeps up front operational expenses budgeted. Not to mention our great customer service relations and efficient equipment and staff. As our client your customers will be grateful to see their accounts resolved in a timely manner. Havilah has over 25 years of combined experience. We are always available for questions and have a strong desire for our clients to feel consistently informed. This is maintained through accounts receivable updates and monthly progress reports as well as constant communications via telephone, email, mail and in person.


Our true specialty is in the recovery of outstanding accounts receivable. This pertains to all aspects of recovery. Whether lack of reimbursement is due to a backlog, bankruptcy, downsizing, errors or non payment, we get the job done. We offer everything from office management to consulting and training of office staff. We focus on the individual needs of each client. We can help you improve the way your office is run and increase the collection of money owed to you by customers, clients, patients and insurance companies. As part of your team we help to bridge the gaps and fill in the details.

Get connected

Havilah Recovery Solutions, Inc. has successfully configured encrypted network connections for a number of clients. Connections have been made using a modem as well as a direct broadband Internet connection. If your office has a practice management application or other software to maintain your A/R, Havilah Recovery Solutions, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to connect to your network and recover your money.


All connections are encrypted and where necessary, firewalls are implemented. Each client is different but with some creativity and know how, we have been able to provide connections for all of our clients. Havilah Recovery Solutions, Inc. has provided off-site connections for Misys PM/Tiger, Costar, Medisoft, A4 Health Systems, Versys, MBS as well as systems on an AS/400 and DOS.

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