Who we are

Our company consists of individuals who are extremely efficient and proficient in the recovery of accounts receivable. We focus on the individual needs of each client. Individuals with experience in your accounts receivable specialty type are the ones assigned to work on your behalf in recovering outstanding accounts receivable. Our experience ranges over a wide variety of specialties and we are aware of the problems that cause an outstanding accounts receivable. We know the solutions and follow through to the results.


What we do

Havilah Recovery Solutions, Inc. is experienced in the recovery of accounts receivable. Our expertise and focus is on the accounts receivable that wasn't paid or paid incorrectly. Whether the lack of reimbursement was due to a backlog, incorrect information, or bankruptcy, whatever the case may be, we are determined and our productivity and follow through are next to none. Our clients include but are not limited to Healthcare Companies, CPA's, Doctor's Offices and Medical Supply Companies.



Protecting your privacy and the privacy of your customers is of utmost importance to us. We are HIPAA compliant. All staff is required to read, agree to and sign Confidentiality Agreements. This agreement requires all staff to hold information in the strictest confidence and to maintain practices that safequard all information from disclosure to unauthorized sources.


Security of all systems is insured by Eagle Tech, a network programming and security company. Eagle Tech provides information security, performs scheduled data back ups, configures and maintains VPN connections and firewall hardware. Eagle Tech also provides security of information and controls data access with secured logins.


Complaince with HIPAA is priority for our clients in the healthcare field. As your Business Associate our contract agreements are HIPAA compliant. Our company's staff has received the training required to secure your patient's PHI (Protected Health Information). The ways in which the PHI will be disclosed is clearly defined in our contract agreement.

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